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Relevance of Berwick early learning for children

The learning process of very young children works like a sponge; they absorb everything they see and hear. It is why investing in a child’s future starts at their earliest years.

The greatest impression that will forever leave a mark is during the early childhood years. Many parents in Berwick understand this, hence the search for the right Berwick early learning program for their children.

Yet, some parents are on the fence when it comes to early education. They feel that very young children are better off staying at home than attending early learning education programs.

Educational experts disagree with this outlook of hesitant parents regarding early learning education. Here’s why:

Strong holistic development

A lifetime preparation for a child happens during the early years. It is the right time to develop the physical, emotional, mental, and social skills of a child. The training and experience of early childhood educators allow them to identify the key areas of support for every child. Activities and programs included in the curriculum are geared to shape the overall personality of every child.


Social skills development

One of the essential elements provided by early learning education is the development of the social skills of each child. Socialising in a safe environment provided by the early learning facility allows children to interact with their peers under the watchful eye of their teachers.

Enhanced self-confidence is developed as children learn to socialise with their peer group and other adults. Overcoming shyness should be done during the early years of a child; social development is hindered when learning this skill is left too long.


Develop a lifetime love for learning

Exciting and fun activities offered by early learning programs help to encourage learning in children. The various activities encourage children to learn new things enthusiastically and eagerly. A lifetime love for learning is fostered when children are exposed to discovering new things. Preschool is the experience that helps children to love learning and continue to do so for a lifetime.


Develop the idea of cooperation

The idea of cooperation encouraged in early learning helps children learn to take turns, share, and cooperate. An only child in the home benefits most from learning this skill. Sharing and cooperating are difficult skills that need to be taught sooner than later in a child’s life.


Develop the value of respect

The value of respect is best taught at an early age. Respect is not only confined to belongings and people but also the environment. The busy preschool environment is the best place for children to learn this crucial virtue. Children organically learn to become civilly mannered when everything in the classroom has to be shared with others.


Develop adaptability and resilience

Resilience and adaptability are skills that need to be taught to children during their early years. Predictable consequences and consistent activities nurtured in a safe environment help children to manage their emotions and time.

The hands-on experience set in a challenging environment helps children the value of resiliency. Losing a game sometimes and other bumps over challenging tasks helps children to build coping mechanisms to help them face greater challenges later in life.


The best gift parents can give to their children is quality education. And the best time to start is during their younger years. Contact us at Berwick early learning centre to learn more about us.