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The leader in school camp programs that develop leadership, wellbeing and resilience.

For aspirational camp experiences that :

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click me for other original school camp canvasses

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  • Influence students determinants of happiness through positive psychology practices.

  • Develop the culture of the whole cohort.

  • Invigorating initiative and outdoor recreation.

  • Great food and teacher/group accommodation facilities.

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What’s Different?

All of our school camps explore happiness determinants and include optimism (explanatory style), strengths, meditation, positive reflection and goal setting. In four day or longer camps we also explore personal communications. These processes sit within camp themes and are delivered in very engaging ways.

To see more of camps that develop wellbeing!

See us in the city! citywildernesscamp.com.au

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Teacher or Principal?

See a series of LIVE POLLS

“Why are your peers running camps?”

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Corporate? Offsite?  Away Day? Teambuilding?


Journey Practical Organisation Development Teambuilding


We’ve got you covered and the testimonials will say it all. Seriously effective teambuilding.

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As Napoleon Hill philosopher says, “It’s ALWAYS your next move”.

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